The modular balcony power plant with storage

MO(dular) E(nergy)

The combination of storage and balcony power plant enables sustainable electricity generation , monetary savings and independence from the electricity provider as well as the time of electricity generation. The special feature lies in the modularity of the system, as this allows the full potential of the sun to be exploited. By implementing the modular approach, the number of solar panels and the size of the storage unit can be varied. This enables flexible electricity use , adapted to the needs of the user.


The MoePanel is used for electricity production. The output per panel is 400 watts peak.


The MoeInverter converts direct current into alternating current and makes the power generated from the MoePanel usable.


MOE can easily be switched to island mode. This means that you can also connect your end devices, such as your cell phone, directly to MOE and supply them with power.


MoeBats can be expanded modularly as required. One battery has 1.5kWh storage capacity.




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