Balkonkraftwerk mit Speicher

Why you should choose a balcony power plant with storage

Warum Sie ein Balkonkraftwerk mit Speicher wählen sollten

In the world of balcony power plants (BPPs), there is a big decision to make: should you choose the model with or without storage? Here we explain why a BPP with storage might be the smarter choice.

Direct consumption vs. storage
A traditional CHP plant without storage requires that the electricity generated is consumed immediately. Unused electricity is lost by being fed into the grid free of charge. A CHP plant with storage, on the other hand, retains excess energy that is available when it is really needed. This not only increases the efficiency of the system, but also independence from conventional energy sources.

A look at the numbers
For a BKW with two solar panels, each with 400 watts peak power, ideally facing south and without shading, with an angle of 30 degrees, the following key figures arise:

  • Annual production : 800 kWh
  • Utilization rate without storage : 50%, i.e. 400 kWh
  • Utilization rate with storage : 85%, i.e. 680 kWh

Financial benefits
The increase in efficiency not only translates into more usable energy, but also into direct financial savings:

  • Without storage : Savings of approx. 150€ per year
  • With storage : Savings of approx. 250€ per year

Legal aspects and registration
It is important to find out about the legal framework. In Germany, balcony power plants must be registered. You can find details on how to register your balcony power plant and which regulations apply here.

A BKW with storage can significantly increase your energy efficiency and help you save costs in the long term. Find out more and make an informed decision for your energy future.

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